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What Real Change in Washington Means

January 14, 2009

Next week change is finally coming to Washington.  Over the last two years, the American people have heard a lot about change, but what exactly will that change be and what will it mean to our constituents?

      Today, change begins here in the House.  Today, we will vote on legislation that will strengthen the Children's Health Insurance Program so that we can ensure 11 million children have access to quality health care.

      This is not the first time Congress has voted to strengthen CHIP so that states could insure an additional 4 million children.  Over the past two years, we passed bipartisan legislation twice to do just that, but President Bush vetoed the legislation both times. 

       And so, here we are, one week before President-elect Obama will be sworn into office.  Today, for the third time in two years, this new House will pass a bill to ensure 11 million children have access to health care coverage.

       The real change will come when the legislation is sent to President Obama's desk, and unlike his predecessor, he signs the bill into law.  Change means four million more children will have access to health care coverage.