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Time for a Reality Check on the Iraq Supplemental and When the Funds are Needed

April 19, 2007

We keep on hearing all these doomsday scenarios from the White House and our Republican colleagues about the emergency supplemental bill.  It would be nice if they'd listen to the President's own Defense Secretary who said this week that our timelines are already creating positive results in Iraq.  And yet, the president threatens to veto the bill, and says that the money is needed immediately. 

            It's time for a reality check.

            Fact---- the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service concluded last month that the Pentagon could maintain its wartime operations well into July with funds they have already been provided.    

            Fact---- as of today, it has only been 73 days since the president sent his funding request to the Capitol.   Last year the Republican controlled Congress took 119 days to send the Iraq war supplemental to the president.  And yet, the President never attacked the Republican-controlled Congress for supposedly "holding up" funding for our troops.

 President Bush should stop playing politics with this emergency funding bill so that we can finally move the war in Iraq in a new direction.