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E-Newsletter: Save the Internet Act

March 14, 2019

Dear Neighbors,

In recent years, I have heard countless examples of the many ways the internet is driving innovation and growth across our communities. This is why we need to have a free and open internet supported by net neutrality. Net neutrality requires telecommunication companies to treat all data equally. This policy prevents broadband providers from selectively slowing down or blocking websites, or charging more for “fast lanes” of internet service. It prevents large corporations from gaining an unfair advantage on small businesses in communities throughout New Jersey.

I was deeply disappointed that President Trump’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chose to unravel net neutrality in 2017 and allow internet service providers to make their own rules. An overwhelming 86 percent of Americans opposed the FCC’s net neutrality repeal, including 82 percent of Republicans. Small businesses, educators, and millions of Americans rely on a free and open internet.  This is why I introduced the Save the Internet Act, to reverse the disastrous repeal and restore the critical protections provided by net neutrality. You can watch the event where my colleagues and I unveiled the bill here.

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I want you to know that I will be fighting for a free and open internet in Congress. If you have a moment, please respond to this email or contact my office to share your thoughts on net neutrality and the future of the internet. It is my job to represent you and I want to make sure that your views are taken into account while I’m fighting on your behalf.

Serving You

Lastly, one of my privileges as a Member of Congress is to assist my constituents on a range of issues, whether it be help with a federal agency,ordering a flag, or requesting tours and tickets for a visit to Washington DC. Please take a moment to visit my website to find out how I can serve you.


Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr.