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Senate Republican Leaders Wrong to Stifle War Debate

February 7, 2007



            Democracy is based on the free exchange of ideas; debating issues to find a solution reasonable people can agree upon.  However, when it comes to discussing the most important issue facing our nation, the Senate Republican leadership is more concerned with giving the President political cover than engaging in a democratic debate of ideas. 

 The Republican Senate leadership is even blocking the voices in their own party by filibustering debate on any resolution dealing with the war in Iraq, including the McCain/Graham resolution supporting the President's troop surge and the Warner/Levin resolution in opposition to it. 

 The consideration of these resolutions, especially the bi-partisan Warner/Levin resolution, would serve as the basis for the first real debate on the President's flawed Iraq war policy since the war began nearly four years ago. 

 The American people deserve a democratic discussion of ideas on the issue that is most important to them.  Next week, we're going to have a debate here in the House that will allow each of us to speak our mind on the president's plan.  I would hope that the Senate Republican leadership will allow the same debate over in the other chamber.