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Republicans Obstruct Democratic Efforts to Strengthen Children's Health Program

July 27, 2007

Yesterday both the Energy and Commerce Committee and the Ways and Means Committee began marking up the CHAMP Act---a comprehensive bill that ensures millions of vulnerable children have access to health insurance through the Children's Health Insurance Program, otherwise known as CHIP. 

 Democrats are proud of this legislation because it allows us to cover almost every child now eligible for the program. 

 Since it was created a decade ago, CHIP has received strong bipartisan support here in Washington.  But that all changed yesterday, when Republicans in both committees used every tactic available to them to stall us from moving forward with this legislation.   

 It's sad that Republicans refuse to engage in a substantive discussion on the future of CHIP.  If Republicans were serious about strengthening this important children's health program, they would stop playing games and would allow a constructive debate to occur.  These delaying tactics showed that Republicans have no interest in ensuring our children have access to quality health care. 

            The record is clear.  Democrats want to cover kids.  Republicans don't.