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Republicans Continue to Move Away From Bush on Iraq, But Actions Speak Louder Than Words

July 11, 2007

A week does not go by without at least one or two Republican Senators coming forward and saying, what many of us have known for months that the president's Iraq strategy has failed.

First, it was Senators Lugar and Voinovich.  Then, last week, Senator Domenici joined them in saying that a serious change in course is needed.  And then on Monday Senator Snowe told NBC News that the time has come for binding legislation to bring home most of our troops.

The Senate Republican comments are welcome, but actions speak louder than words.  Senate Republicans can't just say that a change in direction is needed, they have to actually help us change the course of the war.   

And where exactly are the House Republicans?  Does their silence indicate that they will once again rubberstamp the president's failed Iraq policy?  If they won't listen to us, they should at least listen to respected members of their own party who are saying that we simply cannot continue on this same failed course?

This month Democrats will once again demand change in Iraq.  It's time that our Republican colleagues join us.