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Republican Rubber Stamp Congress Refuses to Take 9/11 Commission Seriously

March 29, 2006

            More than four years have passed since 9/11 and Washington Republicans have failed to make the American people as safe as they should be.   

House Republicans continue to ignore the real security risks we face.  They allow President Bush to disregard the recommendations from the independent 9/11 Commission.  After all, House Republicans stood by the Bush administration in its attempts to keep the 9/11 Commission from ever being created.

A report from the Commission in December gave the Bush administration failing grades in securing our nation.  From chemical plants to subways, ports and the border, the Commission report showed how Washington has failed to take the proper steps needed to close security gaps. 

House Republicans could make homeland security a priority if they joined us this month in rejecting President Bush's 2007 budget that dramatically underfunds key homeland security programs.  Unfortunately, I am concerned Republicans will once again pay lip service to these critical security needs, and will, instead, once again rubberstamp a Bush budget that leaves us vulnerable to those that wish us harm.