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Republican Budget a Gift to Special Interests and a Slap in the Face to the American People

April 6, 2006

             House Republicans are expected to bring a 2007 budget to the floor this week that they say demonstrates their priorities.  Unfortunately, House Republicans once again essentially rubber stamp the president's budget, refusing to stand up for fiscal discipline and refusing to truly address the needs of everyday Americans.

The Republican budget makes harmful cuts to critical services for working families, and uses these cuts to partly pay for new tax cuts primarily benefiting America's millionaires.

This budget slashes education, training and social services funding; cuts veterans' health care and taxes military retirees; cuts Homeland Security, including port security; squeezes programs for low-wage workers and vulnerable families; slashes environmental protection and conservation funding; and cuts funding for public health programs and medical research.

The wealthiest Americans are doing just fine---they don't need any more help from Washington Republicans.  It's America's middle class who have lost out over the last five years, and they're not getting help from the Republican budget.  We should reject this mean-spirited budget.