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Reducing Gun Violence

October 12, 2017

Dear Neighbors,

Far too many times, we have seen the shocking images of gun violence and unspeakable tragedies in communities across the country. Elementary schools, high schools, movie theaters, universities, shopping malls and places of worship have all been scenes of horrific incidents where innocent lives were lost along with our sense of security. We were tragically reminded of this with the deadliest shooting spree in U.S history taking place in Las Vegas.

In addition to mass shootings, there are thousands of gun deaths that happen in New Jersey and throughout the country every day that do not receive the same coverage.  According to the Center for Disease Control, New Jersey had 475 firearm deaths in 2015. This is unacceptable.

Yet, when it comes to doing something to end gun violence, Congress has failed to act. During the past few weeks, Congressional Republicans were actually pursuing looser gun laws – bills that would deregulate the sale of silencers and allow more people to carry concealed guns with no standard for training or background checks. These are bills that prioritize the wishes of the gun lobby over public safety.

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That’s why on Friday I joined Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ-12), numerous local leaders, advocates and citizens in New Brunswick to demand change now. Together we once again called for common sense measures to reduce gun violence such as requiring background checks, banning assault weapons, requiring ID for online ammunition sales and halting the sale of devices that allow semi-automatic weapons to be turned into machine guns.

It will not be easy to break the gridlock that has held up serious reforms to reduce gun violence in recent years. But we owe the victims of the horrific tragedies in Las Vegas, Orlando, Newtown and countless communities throughout New Jersey a serious attempt to solve this problem and I’ll keep working to enact change.

If you have a moment, please respond to this email or contact my office to share your thoughts on how gun violence has affected your community and what you think should be done about it.


Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr.