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President's Energy Proposal is Too Little & Too Late

May 23, 2007

For six years President Bush and Republican Congresses ignored the record gas prices that seem to pop up every year just before Memorial Day.  Once again, this year, American consumers, are paying for their inaction.

Finally, last week President Bush announced an executive order addressing this growing problem.  Unfortunately, his plan doesn't call for any action until the weeks before he leaves office in 2009.  This is far too little and years too late.

Since taking control of Congress this year, Democrats have already passed measures to reduce the price of gas in this country and invest in renewable energy.  We are dedicated to curbing our nation's addiction to foreign oil and investing in our resources in the Midwest, instead of buying more from the Middle East.

Democrats refuse to stand idly by while gas prices rise across the country.  This week, we will fight price gouging, something that past Republican Congresses were unwilling to do.  American consumers need help now, not in 2009.  And this new Democratic Congress is going to deliver.