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McCain and His Political Show in Washington

September 26, 2008

Last week Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy and the stock market fell 500 points.  Senator McCain's response---he declared that the fundamentals of the economy were strong. 

            What a difference a week makes.  Senator McCain must have had an epiphany on Wednesday when he decided to suspend his campaign so that he could come back to Washington. 

            What exactly created this epiphany?  How about new poll numbers that showed Senator Obama leading Senator McCain by nine points?

This was a political ploy.  Senator McCain is trying to distract the American public from the fact that he was part of the Washington gang that helped create this mess in the first place.    

He has proudly proclaimed that he is the biggest supporter of deregulation in Washington.  That's what created this crisis.  When you take the referees off the field, the game gets out of hand.  Case in point: Wall Street. 

Senator McCain represents more of the same in Washington.  Change is needed and that's not Senator McCain.