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Lame Duck Congress Waddles to an Irresponsible Close

December 6, 2006

            Last month Americans went to the voting booths to voice their displeasure with the most "Do-Nothing Congress" in our nation's history.   

It was bad enough the Republican Congress rejected our efforts to increase the minimum wage, to prevent Big Oil from price gouging the American consumer and to prevent seniors from falling into the prescription drug donut hole. 

But now, the most "Do-Nothing Congress" of all time prepares to leave Washington without passing a budget for the current fiscal year. 

Under the headline "The Lame-duck Congress waddles to an irresponsible close," the Washington Post yesterday wrote: "We understand the political temptation to do mischief by doing nothing, but this is a gross abdication of lawmakers' fundamental responsibilities.  It creates enormous problems across the broad spectrum of federal agencies, which have no assurance about what their final spending allowances will be."

House Republicans refuse to do their job, and have decided to throw their budget mess to the new Democratic Congress.  Talk about irresponsible.