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House Democrats Help Americans Who Have Been Hurt During Economic Recession

May 21, 2008

         The economic recession has been particularly hard on lower and middle income families, but over the last month this House has passed important legislation that will make a real difference in their lives. 

          These families were already having trouble squeezing enough money out of their monthly paychecks to pay for the basic necessities.  Now imagine how much more difficult that is with the dramatic increases in the cost of foods like bread, milk and eggs.  Last week, in strong bipartisan fashion, this House passed a final Farm Bill that invests an additional $10.4 billion in nutrition programs so that 38 million American families do not have to go hungry.

         Our constituents are also rightfully concerned about their jobs.  Over the last four months alone, 260,000 jobs have been lost.  Finding a new job is not necessarily easy in today's economy.  That's why this House passed an extension of unemployment benefits last week, giving unemployed workers an additional 13 weeks to find a job.

         This Democratic House is delivering results that will benefit families that have been forgotten for too long.