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GOP Must Choose Between Funding our Military & Veterans or their Wealthy Friends

May 25, 2006

            A group of House Republicans last week seriously undermined our nation's ability to fight the war on terror when they objected to more than $500 million in funding that directly affects our veterans and our soldiers in combat. 

            These were all funds the president said were necessary to properly fund military construction projects and our veterans' services.  And yet, the House Republican leadership allowed these funds to be stripped from the bill by not properly funding these programs in the budget they passed last week.

            This small group of House Republicans would not have been able to act against our troops and our veterans if the Republican leadership had been honest about their real funding needs in their budget.  

            House Republicans want Americans to believe that they can continue to provide $40,000 tax breaks every year to millionaires without negatively impacting critical federal obligations.

            As Memorial Day approaches this weekend, House Republicans need to decide whether they want to continue to stick with the wealthiest few or if they want to level with the American people about our true financial commitment to our military and our veterans.  It's time they choose.