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Dwindling International Support for the War In Iraq

February 28, 2007


            What do our international friends know that the Bush administration doesn't?  It seems everywhere you turn the "Coalition of the Willing" is concluding it's time to get out of Iraq while the Bush administration wants to send 21,500 more U.S. troops.


            Just last week our biggest ally in the Iraq War, Britain, announced that it was withdrawing 16-hundred troops from Iraq in the coming months.  The same day, Denmark said it too would pull out all of its 460 troops by the end of the summer.  And then South Korea decided that 11-hundred of its 23-hundred troops would be withdrawn from Iraq in April, with the rest following later this year. 

            With this news, the "Coalition of the Willing" is no longer so willing, dwindling to about 10-thousand troops.  What is it that these countries know that the Bush administration still can't figure out?  Could it be that they see the writing on the wall----that they've concluded as many others have here in the United States that the Iraq War can no longer be won militarily? 

            Our dwindling coalition should serve as another wake up call to the Bush administration that its time for a new direction in Iraq.