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Democrats Work to Help Main Street Recover From Economic Downturn

September 28, 2008
This week the crisis on Wall Street hit fever pitch, but families all over the country have been struggling for months.  84,000 Americans lost their jobs last month and the number of unemployed Americans is the highest it has been since 1992. 

Congress responded quickly to the White House’s call for a financial rescue package.  The White House should now join us in supporting a solid package for Main Street.  

On Friday, the House passed legislation to boost our economy, create jobs, and help provide additional relief to families who are struggling. The economic recovery bill will:

·         Grow our economy and create jobs through investment in our nation’s infrastructure;

·         Extend unemployment benefits for the growing number of Americans looking for work; and

·         Ensure Americans do not lose health coverage as a result of state budget crises. 

The majority of House Republicans opposed this Main Street Economic Recovery Package.  I hope President Bush chooses a different course.