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Democrats Want to Work With Republicans to Help Middle Class Americans

November 14, 2006

            Now that the elections are over, it's time for Democrats and Republicans to come together to work in a bipartisan fashion to help all Americans.  Throughout this year, Democrats have talked about a forward-looking agenda---one that encompasses all Americans.

We want to expand economic opportunity to millions of Americans who have been left behind by increasing the minimum wage for the first time in nine years.

We want to expand educational opportunities to teens who want to attend college by cutting interest rates on student loans so that they can better afford college.

We also want to help seniors better afford their prescription drugs by cutting drug prices and filling the donut hole. 

Democrats touted these plans, but that doesn't mean Republicans can't join us in implementing them when the new Congress convenes in January. 

Raising the minimum wage, helping college students better afford their education and helping seniors pay for their prescription drugs is something we all, Democrats and Republicans alike, should be interested in.  We'll have the opportunity to follow through in January.