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Democrats Provide Needed Oversight of Bush Administration's Failures

March 9, 2007

Accountability has returned to Washington after a six year absence.  This week alone the new Democratic Congress has provided critical oversight of the administration's unacceptable neglect of our wounded soldiers. 

 At a hearing earlier this week some of my Republican colleagues said they've known about some of this treatment for several years, but they didn't realize it was this bad.  That's what oversight hearings are for.  If you know there's a problem, you haul the Pentagon up to Capitol Hill to get answers.  The old Republican Congress simply ignored these problems. 

 That's not happening in the Democratic Congress.  This week we held four different oversight hearings so that we can find solutions quickly to ensure what happened at Walter Reed never happens again.

 This Democratic House also held its first hearing this week on a scandal at the U.S. Attorney's office----where politics once again trumped competence in the Bush administration.  Eight U.S. Attorneys were fired so the Bush administration could pad the resumes of other attorneys. 

 The days of incompetence without any accountability are over here in Washington.  Real oversight has returned.