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Democrats Introduce a Bold Agenda that Includes All Americans

December 5, 2006

            Within the first 100 hours of the new Democratic Congress, we will accomplish more than the Republican Do-Nothing Congress accomplished this entire year.

            While Republicans refused to break their questionable cozy relationships with lobbyists, Democrats will pass an ethics reform bill that will once again make this the people's House not the lobbyist's House. 

            While Republicans refused to expand economic opportunity to millions of Americans, Democrats will give minimum wage workers their first raise in nine years. 

            While Republicans refused to go after price gouging oil companies, Democrats will begin the process of making our nation energy independent by repealing needless tax breaks for Big Oil and instead putting that money towards crucial funding of bio-fuel research.

            While Republicans refused to help millions of seniors who fell into the prescription drug donut hole, Democrats will allow the federal government to negotiate lower drug prices so that the donut hole can be filled.

            These are all important initiatives that Democrats will pass within the first 100 hours of the next Congress.