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Democrats Continue Efforts to Lower Prices at the Pump

July 30, 2008

While Americans suffer pain at the pump, Republicans and President Bush insist on the same old energy policies that put us on this dangerous path to record high gas prices.

Instead of looking towards the past, Democrats have been exploring both immediate and long-term solutions to America's energy crisis.

To help consumers suffering right now, this House has passed legislation cracking down on price fixing and price gouging by retailers.  We also forced the president to suspend sending oil to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.  And this week House Democrats will bring a bill to the floor that will end rampant speculation that is driving up gas prices by closing the Enron loophole.  These are all solutions that should help lower prices today.

But we have also passed landmark legislation that will lead to more efficient vehicles when we enacted the first new vehicle fuel efficiency standards in 32 years.  These new standards will save drivers up to $1,000 a year in gas when it is fully enacted.   

House Democrats are proposing both short and long-term solutions to high gas prices.  It is time for Congressional Republicans to join us in our efforts.