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Democrats Act to Take America in a New Direction

January 10, 2007

Democrats promised that if the American people trusted us with control of Congress we would take America in a new direction. 

 So far, we have made good on our promise to break the link between lobbyists and legislation and we reinstituted pay-as-you-go budgeting.

            But our work is not done.  We are now in our first 100 hours of legislation, and already we have passed legislation that will make America more secure by implementing the independent 9/11 Commission recommendations.  Today, we will give Americans a much needed pay raise by increasing the minimum wage. 

Later this week we're going to begin making health care more affordable by giving the federal government the ability to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices, and tomorrow we're going to give hope to millions of Americans by allowing stem cell research.

Next week, we also move down the path to energy independence by ending subsidies to Big Oil and investing in renewable energy. 

Democrats promise to deliver so we can take America in a new direction.