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Delay Lauds the Culture Republicans Brought to Washington

April 5, 2006

Last night, former majority leader Tom DeLay blamed Democrats for his fall from power.  He said Democrats were upset because Republicans changed the culture of Washington.

Republicans changed the culture around here alright.  Two of Congressman DeLay's former aides-----Deputy Chief of Staff Tony Rudy and press secretary Michael Scanlon----have already pleaded guilty as part of the ongoing Jack Abramoff scandal.

Then there are the revelations that the President's Chief Domestic Advisor, Claude Allen, was forced to resign from his position at the White House after he was caught repeatedly shoplifting from Target stores in Maryland.

And just last night, a deputy press secretary at the Department of Homeland Security, was arrested on charges that he used the Internet to seduce what he thought was a 14-year-old girl.  Fortunately, an undercover Florida sheriff's detective was on the other end of the computer, and Brian Doyle, a Bush political appointee, has now been arrested. 

The culture has changed around here, but certainly not for the good.