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Congress Works to Expand Prosperity by Passing the College Opportunity and Affordability Act

February 7, 2008

            One of the best ways to expand prosperity to more Americans is to make college more affordable.  

Today, an education at a private university is close to $50-thousand a year.  And things aren't much better at public universities, where prices have shot up 40-percent above inflation in the last seven years alone.

This Democratic Congress has worked to eliminate some of that sticker shock.  Last year, we passed the College Cost Reduction Act of 2007, which was the single largest increase in college aid since the G-I bill.  

But we are not done.  Today, we will vote on the College Opportunity and Affordability Act that will make college more affordable and accessible.  The bill encourages colleges to rein in price increases and provide consumers with helpful information so they can make the best decision on which school to choose. 

The legislation also simplifies the federal student aid application process, expands college access and support for low-income and minority students and increases aid for our veterans and military families.

Let's continue to strengthen our nation's future by passing the College Opportunity and Affordability Act today.