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Bush Administration Ignores the Law on Securing our Ports

March 1, 2006

            The Bush administration should have never approved a deal to allow the United Arab Emirates to operate at least six major U.S. ports. 

The administration claims it went through the proper process in approving the deal.  But the administration DID NOT conduct a 45-day investigation that is LEGALLY required.  It would be nice if someone over at the White House would actually read the laws passed here in Congress. 

If the Bush administration had done its homework, they would have discovered that a 45-day investigation is MANDATORY in cases like this, where the company is controlled by a foreign government and the acquisition could affect our national security. 

Had Congress not expressed outrage with the plan, a 45-day investigation would not be taking place today.  However, an investigation is simply not enough.  I have absolutely no confidence that the Bush administration will conduct a proper investigation without pressure from Congress.  Democrats and Republicans here in the House must stand against this proposal.  We already know our ports are vulnerable.  We shouldn't add to that vulnerability by turning our port operations over to another country.