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America Not Safer Today than Before 9/11 and the War in Iraq is the Main Reason

September 26, 2006

            America is not safer today than it was before 9/11.  The president can continue to deny this fact in speeches across the country, but his own intelligence agencies concluded that the world is not safer today and that the main reason is the ongoing war in Iraq.           

This is not the only proof that we are less safe today than we were five years ago---a recent independent Council on Global Terrorism assigned a grade of "D-plus" to our nation's efforts in combating Islamic extremism.  The council concluded that "there is every sign that radicalization in the Muslim world is spreading rather than shrinking."  Another report----this one by Foreign Policy Magazine----surveyed our nation's top national security experts from across the political spectrum and their conclusions----84 percent said we are losing the War on Terror, and 87 percent said the war in Iraq had a negative impact on the War on Terror.          

It's time that we get back to fighting the real war on terror.  We need to begin redeploying our troops out of Iraq and refocusing our efforts in Afghanistan.  How can we defeat the terrorists if we have seven times as many troops in Iraq as we do in Afghanistan?  It's time for a strategic change so we can finally begin to make our nation safe again.