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Pallone Statement on President Trump’s Budget Outline

February 27, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC — Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. (NJ-06) issued the following statement today upon the release of President Trump’s Fiscal Year 2018 budget outline.

“President Trump continues to misrepresent our nation’s challenges to the American people and as a result his budget has the wrong priorities and the wrong solutions. His budget proposal puts the military industrial complex above the best interests of global peace and security, and above the best interests of the American people. 

“The President has disparaged our military in order to justify a massive military buildup. Our nation already has the best military in the world, led by our courageous and talented men and women in uniform. Increasing military spending by more than $50 billion comes at the cost of cuts to the State Department’s peaceful diplomatic efforts and vital programs that assist working families. Not to mention, the President’s intention to pursue enhanced military operations – and his track record for acting before considering the consequences – would put more American lives in danger and make the world less secure.

“The Environmental Protection Agency – which is responsible for ensuring clean air, safe drinking water, and cleanup of polluted lands – would also face massive cuts.  This should come as no surprise considering Trump’s EPA Administrator nominee, Scott Pruitt, has made a career of attacking the agency he now runs.  It should, however, come at great concern to the American people, who need to have confidence that the agency responsible for protecting public health is doing its job.

“Budgets are about more than dollars and cents—they are statements of our values as a nation.  Failing to invest in peaceful diplomacy, our public health, environment, infrastructure, public education and the arts will simply cost our country more in the long run. We should be working together to grow our economy, not playing politics with the budget process by misleading the American people.”