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Pallone Statement on Elberon to Loch Arbour Beach Replenishment Project

March 21, 2014
Press Release

Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ) issued the following statement regarding the Elberon to Loch Arbour Beach Replenishment Project.  Pallone’s statement comes in response to a rally held in Asbury Park on Friday, March 21 where residents gathered to voice concerns over plans to replenish a 3.5 mile section of beach stretching from Lake Takanassee in the Elberon section of Long Branch to Deal Lake in Loch Arbour.

“I would like to thank all of you for taking the time to express your concerns regarding the Elberon to Loch Arbour Beach Replenishment project.  First, I encourage all of you here today to formally submit your concerns and comments on this project in writing if you have not done so.  The best method to do this is to email your concerns to Jenifer Thalhauser at  The deadline to submit comments is Wednesday, March 26, 2014.

Many of you in attendance have reached out to me to express your concerns with the proposed project.  I understand your concerns with respect to notching the groins in this area and the impacts this may have on recreational fishing.  I am discussing this issue with the Army Corps of Engineers and trying to find a resolution that does not negatively impact fishermen in the area. 

I have also heard concerns regarding sand building up in the Deal Lake Flume, causing a blockage of the flow between the lake and ocean.  I have raised this issue with the Army Corps and they are planning monitor the flume and clear any sediment buildup that occurs throughout the project.  We will also look at the possibility of reconfiguring the placement of sand in the area adjacent to the flume.  One long-term solution may be to extend the Deal Lake Flume to limit the amount of sand that can block its flow.

The buildup of sediment in Deal Lake from Superstorm Sandy is another issue that must be addressed.  I am pleased that $1 million in federal funds has been allocated by the Natural Resources Conservation Service to remove sediment from the lake.  I understand this will not address all of the sediment buildup in the lake and will look into the possibility of additional state funds for this work.

I look forward to working with all of you as this important project progresses.  Please feel free to reach out to my office with your concerns throughout this process.  Thank you.”