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Pallone Says President Bush's Weakening of Clean Air Initiatives Contributed to New Jersey Not Meeting Smog Standard

April 15, 2004
Press Release

"If the Bush administration wants to place blame on the condition of our nation's air, it has no better place to look than the mirror. While some of New Jersey's air pollution is created within the state's borders, we all know that much of our state's pollution comes from large power plants outside New Jersey. Over the past three years, the Bush administration has done everything it can to weaken federal emission regulations on coal-burning plants that negatively impact our state's air.

"How does EPA expect New Jersey to comply with an eight hour ozone standard when the agency weakens critical clean air standards? How does EPA expect New Jersey to attack air pollution when the agency terminates 70 investigations into power plants that continue to spew out pollution?

"Once again, the Bush administration is attempting to shift blame away from itself for something it clearly helped create."