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Pallone Responds to President Bushs State of the Union Address

January 20, 2004
Press Release

"At a time when the president should be proposing serious initiatives aimed at creating jobs, ensuring Americans access to affordable health care, and shoring up Social Security and Medicare, President Bush once again turns his back on the middle class by touting health savings accounts that benefit only five percent of Americans and a privatization plan for Social Security that seriously jeopardizes the programs future.

"President Bush refuses to acknowledge that his economic policies of the past three years have yet to provide Americans economic security. Instead, President Bushs large tax giveaways to the wealthiest few, stick our children with the bill, a bill expected to increase thanks to proposed missions to Mars and an initiative to better train couples for marriage.

"Unless President Bush seriously changes direction, tonights lofty projections will mean nothing more than his promise two years ago to create jobs or his promise last year not to pass along our debts to future generations."