Pallone Lauds FDAs Decision to Ban Ephedra

Dec 31, 2003

"FDAs decision to ban ephedra is a major victory for both consumers and the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA). For years, Ive been frustrated by the FDAs unwillingness to use the powers Congress granted it through DSHEA in 1994. Finally, FDA is using its authority to keep a potentially harmful product from being sold on the market. Im now hopeful this action is a sign the agency will continue to regulate these supplements and fulfill its responsibility to the millions of Americans who rely upon safe and quality dietary supplements.

"Early next year, I plan to introduce legislation that will ensure adequate funding to FDA so it can enforce DSHEA. In addition, the legislation will create incentives for the dietary supplement industry to increase research and development funding to ensure only safe and beneficial products enter the market."