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Pallone and Grimm Lead Capitol Hill Commemoration of Anniversary of Armenian Genocide and Request Congressional Support for Republic of Armenia

April 24, 2013
Press Release


Washington, D.C. – Congressmen and Co-Chairs of the Congressional Caucus on Armenian Issues Frank Pallone, Jr. and Michael Grimm observed the 98th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide with other members of Congress on Tuesday, April 24, 2013.

Pallone and Grimm, with members of the Congressional Caucus on Armenia Issues, affirmed their commitment to fight for official Congressional recognition of the Armenian Genocide and announced a renewed campaign for membership into the caucus.

“Today is an opportunity for us to remember one and a half million victims of the Armenian Genocide and to condemn the continued denial by the Turkish government and our own government’s inaction in using the word genocide to describe these events.  It is time for the United States government to do the right thing, the moral thing and recognize the Armenian Genocide for just that—genocide.  While the wheels of democracy may move slowly, they continue to move, and I will continue to fight for issues that are important to the Armenian community.” said Pallone.  

“I am proud to join with my colleagues on this somber day in commemorating the 98th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. So much of what makes the United States exceptional is our willingness to unapologetically stand up for justice and human rights throughout the world. The brutal and systematic killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent Armenians and the unfortunate refusal on the part of so many to recognize and atone for this atrocity, necessitates our ceremony today, and ensures that we remain a nation that unequivocally rejects hatred and oppression of all kind.”

Joined by 23 of their colleagues, the Co-Chairs called for support for Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh through robust foreign assistance in a letter this month to the House Appropriations Committee.