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Congressman Pallone Calls for Firing of Bannon, Gorka and Miller

August 15, 2017
Press Release

Washington, DC - Today, Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. (NJ-06), called for Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, and Stephen Miller to be removed from their positions in the White House given their affiliation with white supremacist ideology and groups.

Pallone spoke out against the appointment of Bannon in November and is a cosponsor of  H.Res.140, which condemns the appointment of Bannon and urges his removal from the National Security Council, and of H.R. 804, which would prohibit political advisors like Bannon from serving on the NSC. In April, Pallone signed a letter to the Trump Administration urging the removal of Bannon from the White House.

"The tragic events of last weekend were an inevitable result of President Trump’s willingness to harbor white nationalism within his administration. Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, and Stephen Miller all possess views that are antithetical to American values and are closely aligned with those of the white supremacist terrorists who attacked Charlottesville over the weekend. These advisors have normalized racist, sexist, anti-LGBT and anti-Semitic views at the highest levels of government. President Trump has so far failed to lead our country in a dignified manner that we expect from our president.  He must now fire these men and demonstrate that those who support white supremacy no longer have a place in the White House.”