Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr, (NJ-06) Statement on the Funeral of Marine Corps Cpl. Kevin Reinhard

Jan 30, 2012 Issues: New Jersey

Congressman Frank Pallone released the following statement after attending the funeral of Marine Cpl. Kevin Reinhard who was killed in action while serving in Afghanistan:

“Cpl. Reinhard was an extraordinary young man and dedicated Marine. Those who eulogized him today, particularly his sister Kathleen, described Kevin as a remarkably selfless, generous and gracious person who put service to his nation, community, family and friends as his highest calling.

“In listening to all of the beautiful and moving comments offered today about Kevin, the Marine Corps motto, ‘Semper Fidelis,’ Latin for ‘always faithful,’ came to mind. Kevin was indeed ‘always faithful’ in his commitment to those he loved, his community and his country.

“Kevin courageously served two tours in Afghanistan and he will be missed deeply by all of those whose lives he touched.”