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E-NEWSLETTER: My Solutions to Reduce Gun Violence

March 6, 2018
Press Release

Dear Neighbors,

Like many of you, I was devastated by the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida. We have no greater responsibility than to keep our children safe and the loss of 17 young people during this unspeakable tragedy is unacceptable.

We cannot forget that in addition to mass shootings like Parkland, there are thousands of gun deaths that happen in New Jersey and throughout the country every day that do not receive the same coverage.  Just last week, 10-year old Yovanni Banos-Merino was tragically shot inside his home in Asbury Park.

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This is why I am calling for numerous measures that Congress can pass immediately to help keep our children safe. They include:

·         An assault weapons ban, which will ban weapons of war like the AR-15, which has been used in mass shootings in places like Las Vegas, Aurora, Newtown, & Parkland.  

·         Increasing penalties for “straw purchasers” who illegally purchase firearms with the intent to sell or gift them to individuals who should not have them.

·         Regulating the sale of firearms at gun shows and online, requiring a background check on all purchases (currently not required by many states).

·         Banning high capacity magazines.

·         Regulating the online sale of ammunition, conversion kits (to turn into military-style rifles), and large capacity ammunition feeding devices.

·         Allowing the CDC and other government agencies to use federal dollars to research gun violence and gun violence prevention – which the gun lobby & @GOP has blocked for more than 20 years.


Unfortunately, too many members of Congress are unwilling to act on these common sense measures because of the influence of the National Rifle Association (NRA). We cannot allow the influence of the gun lobby to stop us from keeping our children safe and saving lives.

There is hope for change, though. I have been inspired by the millions of Americans, many of them young people, who are now calling for action to bring about common sense solutions to reduce gun violence. This week I met with students at Asbury Park High School, and they were resolute in their belief that that we can enact common sense solution to reduce gun violence. I will be holding more meetings with students on this issue in the coming months, because their voices are crucial to the future of our democracy. These voices are breaking through and bringing attention to the gun violence like never before.

Meanwhile, dozens of corporations have severed their ties with the NRA and retailers are taking responsible steps to protect the public, such as ending the sale of the AR-15.

We cannot allow this moment to pass without enacting change and your voice is essential to ensuring that Congress does not look the other way. I want you to know that I will do everything within my power to enact legislation to combat the gun violence epidemic facing our nation.


Congressman Frank Pallone