About the District

The Sixth Congressional District of New Jersey includes two counties in Central New Jersey. The Sixth District boasts some of the best beaches along the Jersey Shore and the arts, culture and vibrancy found in downtown centers and thriving suburbs.

It covers most of Middlesex County and a good portion of Monmouth County, including the Bayshore and twelve communities on the Atlantic Ocean.  

Beautiful coastal areas attract visitors from all over the world, making tourism a major component of the regional economy. The district also features impressive downtown areas with vibrant arts and cultural scenes like New Brunswick and Asbury Park.

There are many recreational opportunities found in the naturally beautiful areas of the district, from exploring the national park at Sandy Hook to fishing ventures along the Atlantic coast. 

The Sixth District is also a center of economic strength and home to dynamic businesses, large and small. The region is on the cutting edge of communications and high-tech research and development. There are several large pharmaceutical companies headquartered in district, as well as technology start-ups.

The district also boasts excellent medical facilities and educational institutions. It is home to Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, as well as Monmouth University and Brookdale and Middlesex Community Colleges.

Middlesex County in particular is home to a thriving educational and healthcare corridor, where institutions like Rutgers, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies are conducting impressive research, collaborating and discovering the next generation of medical technologies and innovations.

For additional information on this area, visit the Middlesex County Website and the Monmouth County Website.

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